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Faculty & Staff

Alvin McFerren - Superintendent email: amcferren@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Stacey Russell - Elementary Principal email: srussell@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John-Mark Jones - High School Principal email: jjones@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Stacey Uhrhan - Administrative Assistant email: suhrhan@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Lana Atkins - Special Education Director email: latkins@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Pamela Glasener - Technology Coordinator / Business Education email: pglasener@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Kim Blissett - Testing Coordinator/Curriculum Coordinator  email: kblissett@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Mary Blisset - Elementary Secretary email: mblisset@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Donna Hilkencamp - High School Secretary email: sccsec@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gennell Casey - Special Education Secretary email: gcasey@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Teresa Cook - Title 1 Reading email: tcook@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Courtney Copeland - 4th Grade email: ccopeland@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Cristy Crites - Art Education email: ccrites@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sue Crocker - Nurse email: scrocker@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Arnold Davis - Custodian  
Susan Bohnert - 7-9 Social Studies email: sbohnert@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Scarlett Dittlinger - Elementray Counselor email: sdittlinger@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Rebecca Caudle - High School Counselor email: rcaudle@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Shelly Dohogne - Early Childhood Special Education email: sdohogne@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jeremy Frazier - Band email: jfrazier@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Amber Gill - 3rd Grade email: alaster@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tracy Hampton - Custodian  
Keyth Blissett - 5th Grade email: keythblissett@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Andrea Heuring - Family and Consumer Science email: aheuring@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Cindy Hulshof - ECSE Aide email: chulshof@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Traci Bollinger - SEMO COOP Aide email: tbollinger@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jean Kambitch - 5th Grade email: kambitch@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Ellee Moore - Jr. High English email: emoore@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Kim Kesler - Special Education Teacher email: kkesler@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sarah Maschmann - Special Education Teacher email: smaschmann@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Amber Gill - Librarian email: agill@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tana McKenzie - Kindergarten email: tmckenzie@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Kara Harrison - Spanish email: khharrison@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Heather Knuth - High School Science email: hknuth@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sarah Cline- High School Social Studies email: scline@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Larry Latham - Bus Driver  
Wanda Latham - Cook  
Sherrie Odum - ECSE email: sodum@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Matt Limbaugh - High School P.E. email: mlimbaugh@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Matt Cline - Athletic Director email: mcline@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Janice Martin - ALC/Title 1 Tutor email: jmartin@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John Casebolt - High School Math email: jcasebolt@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Bethany Mize - SEMO COOP Teacher email: bmize@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gary Mize - Jr. High Science email: gmize@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Veronica Mills - Food Service Director email: vmills@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Dana Moore - Kindergarten email: dmoore@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Daisie Mosley - Custodian  
Mary Oliver - 6th Grade email: moliver@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Semona Penrod - Physical Education/Elementary Music/ALC email: spenrod@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tammy Renfro - ECSE Aide / Bus Driver email: trenfro@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Teresa Conn - PAT email: tconn@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Bobbie Round - Teacher's Aide email: bround@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Rachel Schlotzhaur - Jr. High Math email: rschlotzhaur@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Brenda Sanford - Title 1 Math email: bsanford@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jennifer Savat - 3rd Grade email: jsavat@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Samantha Scherer - Preschool Aide email: sscherer@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Crystal Slipis - Elementary Computer Lab email: cslipis@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John Snodgrass - High School English email: jsnodgrass@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Barb Soemo - High School Special Education email: bsoemo@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Linda Taylor - 1st Grade email: ltaylor@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Linda Venable - 4th Grade email: lvenable@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Robyn Frye - 2nd Grade email: rward@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gina Walker - High School Special Education email: gwalker@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Chantel Woodson - Part time/evening custodian  

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